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you are so so important and i love you so much even if we've never talked before. please never doubt that you're an important person in so many peoples lives and that you matter more than you can imagine.

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ur MY internet nobody :’-)

thats all that matters u v u

when ur talking to a mentally ill person please do not do these things, even if ur really mad:

  • tell them they are cr*zy
  • imply they are imagining things
  • imply that they dont matter
  • say that other ppl will always come before them (even if it’s true)
  • act happy when they threaten to leave/harm themselves
  • imply they are making their mental illness up

like these are also things Not To Do with a neurotypical person but all ur really doing is confirming their own suspicions about themselves and ur relationship that r already there and they will hold onto those thoughts as long as they can


Ah forgot about this. Went for a meal out with Antonio about a month ago. Miss him, hopefully will have time to visit him soon!

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little hetero things


color coding your infant children

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punk: rebelling against authority

pop punk: rebelling against your parents because they won’t drive you to hot topic with your friends

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sometimes i wanna be a cool popular blogger and then i remember that when that happens people idolise you and no longer see you as a person and make gross sexual comments about you and i think im fine being an internet nobody