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you are so so important and i love you so much even if we've never talked before. please never doubt that you're an important person in so many peoples lives and that you matter more than you can imagine.

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she/her/hers are pronouns. they are not female pronouns. nonbinary people use she/her/hers.

he/him/his are pronouns. they are not male pronouns. nonbinary people use he/him/his.

stop assuming that everyone around you is a binary gender, it’s not helping

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Greg Laswell
Three Flights From Alto Nido

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This one’s for the torn down,
the experts at the fall

Come on friends get up now
you’re not alone at all.

comes and goes (in waves) /  greg laswell

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dear dfab demigirls: youre valid

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uploading this separate bc i like it a lot 

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